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This seminar focuses on developing increased skills and reflective attitudes towards interprofessional collaborative research, which may include diverse voices in applied music and medicine studies. Multiple examples from practice as an interprofessional researcher in hospital, community and academic settings are provided and extended to understand the benefits and challenges in connecting across discipline boundaries, especially between applied and benchtop research. The seminar engages participants in their own learning through didactic and experiential workshop activities, and concludes with comprehensive framework to support integration of all voices within a collaborative research approach.

Dr Alison Short, PhD, MT-BC, FAMI, RGIMT, RMT, has a passion for research in Music and Medicine, and has engaged in a wide range of research across many settings and approaches. Initially trained in music therapy at the University of Melbourne, Australia (1981) and New York University (1987), she completed her doctoral studies within Nursing, Midwifery and Health (2003), using the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) with cardiac rehabilitation. Alison brought GIM from the USA to Australia as the first Primary Trainer accredited to teach GIM in the Southern Hemisphere (1994).

Alison worked in a wide range of clinical settings including mental health, palliative care, aged care, and adult private practice. After completing her doctoral studies, Alison then worked for 10 years as a health services researcher within applied medical and nursing contexts (2004-2014). This incorporated many projects not related to music or music therapy. However, on occasion some funding was found for small music and medicine projects, for example in emergency care.

Since 2014, Alison has moved to head up one of only two music therapy training programs in Australia, the Master of Creative Music Therapy at Western Sydney University. In addition to her role as Senior Lecturer and Academic Course Advisor, she maintains active membership of the MARCS Institute, the Translational Health Research Institute (THRI), and the Centre for Educational Research (CER) at Western Sydney University. Alison is also the appointed Leader of a University-wide “Music and Health” Cluster, which incorporates music researchers from psychology, social work, allied health, nursing, medicine, music and other related areas.

Alison engages substantially with health industry providers, is an Honorary Life Member and past President of the Australia Music Therapy Association, and has many international connections within the music and music therapy research field.

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