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Children’s Music Fund is a nonprofit organization which provides free Music Therapy services and supportive instruments and materials to children diagnosed with chronic and life altering illnesses.

CMF has been employing Music Therapists since 2002 and is currently embracing and expanding to include a telehealth model which will further support the Music Therapy field. CMF has conducted several research studies in hopes to further advocate and improve MT approaches within the pediatric population.

The focus of this presentation will be to summarize data collection findings from 370 pediatric and NICU patients at 2 major hospitals in Los Angeles. Presenters will explain their research process, report findings and explore how this data will inform the structure of the organization and clinical work moving forward.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about research tools utilized and have an open discussion regarding the implications of the findings for their own clinical work and for future areas of research. Further topics to be discussed include the value of multidisciplinary team collaboration and networking strategies along with personal accounts from a physician's journey in developing and sustaining an effective non-profit organization which promotes and supports Music Therapy.

Workshop duration: 90 min

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