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This workshop introduces the “Listening Circle” as a means for anti-oppressive practice and expression. Based on his ethnographic research of the BaTonga in Mazabuka, Zambia, Nsamu Moonga has explored models of Power in this vulnerable, decentralized society that has experienced massive loss of lives, land, mythologies, customs and culture, resulting in historical cultural trauma. Nsamu brings baTonga into the global conversation so that their voices can be heard, and demonstrates how this model allows people to define and redefine themselves through music therapy.

Nsamu U. Moonga is a music therapist and psychotherapist born and raised in Zambia. Nsamu earned a BA in Psychological Counselling from the University of South Africa and MMus in Music Therapy from the University of Pretoria. A therapist grounded in holistic anti-oppressive practice, Nsamu works with people exploring health and lifestyle choices, medical complications, human sexualities and gender, spiritualities and religious experiences, psychosocial support, and learning enhancement. His music therapy experience spans health, medical, and school settings, human development programming, design and facilitation, community infrastructure, social development, and cross-cultural living/working.

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