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Participants will learn what equipment to use, the basics of recording, and examples of clinical applications.

Brian Schreck, MA, MT-BC is a board-certified music therapist who has been serving the chronically ill since 2004. Brian has a bachelor’s of arts in music therapy from Berklee College of Music and a master’s of arts in music therapy from New York University. Brian has been on the executive committee of the International Association for Music and Medicine for the past 5 years. Palliative care, end-of-life care, and bereavement are areas of passion for Mr. Schreck. Brian has presented locally, nationally, and internationally on his innovative work in medical music therapy. Schreck pioneered the use of heartbeat recordings as a way to rhythmically connect with patients and their families through ongoing recording projects. This rhythmic stem cell is something that can be worked on, changed, and transformed into music forever. Visit for more information. Brian Schreck’s main aim as a medical music therapist is to be as creative as possible to serve the needs of the patients he serves as well as their families. Brian Schreck facilitates ongoing in and outpatient music therapy with people with a diagnosis of cancer through the Norton Cancer Institute.

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