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Know your rhythm-14

In ancient Indian scriptures, it is said that the universe began as a vibration, a cosmic pulsation – the sound of AUM; and everything in it, is considered a vibration too. We, being a part of the same universe, are a vibration, pulsating with the cosmic pulsation that began Life.

Life exists in movement. Organised movement and random movement. Apparently chaotic but deeply organised like an orchestra that is playing 24 by 7.

Rhythms define us and how we interact with each other via heartbeat, brainwave, and entrainment.

‘Know Your Rhythm’ (KYR) is a series of immersive exercises with Musicality, Rhythm, Music, GIM and Yoga creating conditions to become aware of our rhythm and raising consciousness, empathy, wellness, well-being, teamwork and productivity. KYR creates 'conditions' to experience Aha! Moments to emerge. With a deeper physical, social, emotional and spiritual awareness develops an Integral personality. We heal ourselves as we heal others.

Over the past decade, Know Your Rhythm has trained over 20,000 care givers including therapists from various disciplines, medical practitioners, nurses and other healthcare professionals, special educators. This program has also 'care givers' of the society including teachers, students of all ages, youth, managers, professors, government administrators via workshops and conferences across India, Austria, France, Belgium, Russia, Thailand and USA.

Papers and articles on Know Your Rhythm have been published in Palgrave Macmillan, International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences, Open Yoga Journal. Workshops and video documentaries have been presented at international conferences such as 14th World Congress of Music Therapy, Vienna & Krems, Austria, 2014; 4th IAMM Conference, Beijing, 2016; 18th Dialogues on Humanity, Lyon, 2018.


The 90 minutes online introductory Know Your Rhythm workshop will present some basic immersive exercises for care givers to raise their wellness and well-being.

Requirements:  loose comfortable clothes, light stomach, a sofa or chair to sit on where you can stretch, a yoga mat, a good pair of earphones or speakers,

and most importantly –

Willingness to self-explore, learn and smile!

Arnab Bishnu Chowdhury
Arnab Bishnu Chowdhury

Founder - Know Your Rhythm - composer, teacher, therapist

Arnab is founder of Know Your Rhythm (KYR). He is a composer - teacher - explorer of Consciousness via Yoga of music - mantra - body - breath - sleep as medium. He is a 3rd generation from a family of Indian Classical musicians tracing his musical lineage from Baba Allaudin Khan, the guru of Pandit Ravi Shankar (sitar maestro), Ali Akbar Khan (sarod maestro) and Arnab’s grand uncle Pandit Rabin Ghosh (violin maestro).

Arnab specializes in composing therapeutic music for healthcare settings which have found their way in clinics, hospitals and Yoga studios in India, France and USA. He has also composed for theatre, film and multimedia with intention to raise consciousness. He has published a number of articles, papers, video documentaries and has presented Know Your Rhythm in a number of international conferences including 14th World Congress for Music Therapy, Vienna & Krems, 2014; 18th Dialogues on Humanity, Lyon, 2018, among others.

Arnab grew up in the spiritual community of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, studied at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. He served as faculty and continues to serve as member of research committee at his alma mater. He is senior faculty at Sustainable Livelihood Institute, a collaboration between Indian Government and Auroville Foundation where he trains government officers and community leaders.

In the late 90s, he was associated with MIT Media Lab's 'Music, Mind and Machine Group', composing computer music with Indian Classical music paradigms and Artificial Intelligence.

Arnab is certified by IAYT (International Association for Yoga Therapists).

‘Composer at work’, short video on Arnab’s work:

Riccardo Misto
Riccardo Misto

Musician, music therapist, poly-instrumentalist

Dr. Riccardo Misto is a musician, music therapist and poly-instrumentalist. He studied Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) with Indian musician and music therapist Vemu Mukunda and elements of Indian Classical music with a focus on Sarod with Indian masters Vikash Maharaj from Benares and Partho Sarothy from Calcutta. He has studied overtone singing (harmonic chant) with the most important masters of this discipline: Roberto Laneri, Tran Quang Hai and David Hykes.

Riccardo has presented workshops on music therapy, Nada Yoga, Indian rhythm system and overtone singing all over Italy, Brussels and India and international conferences including the 14th World Congress for Music Therapy at Vienna 2014 and European Music Therapy Conference, Vienna 2016.

He has collaborated with the Sonology Institute of Padua University in the study of human voice and overtones singing. He has published articles on sound, music and therapy for Project Man-Music, the Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, The New Dolphin, PsicoLab.

Riccardo and Arnab have been collaborating since 2014 in the context of Know Your Rhythm, both in the form of workshops and co-creators for therapeutic music applied in healthcare and wellness settings.

After earning his law degree, Riccardo studied in music therapy at four-year course at Assisi, Italy.

Riccardo lives in Padua, Italy.

Sevastiana Korotynskaia
Sevastiana Korotynskaia

Faculty – musician and teacher

Sevastiana believes that Music is that Divine medium that helps us communicate within our Selves, murmuring within our hearts, bringing resonance to our minds and rhythm to our bodies. Music leads us to heal ourselves, raising our consciousness and therefore raising the probability to evolve ourselves.

As a professional concert violinist, she has played in several orchestras including Saint Petersburg’s youth orchestra “Vasilievsky ostrov” and symphony orchestra of Saint Petersburg conservatory named after the great composer - Rimsky-Korsakov. She graduated from Rimsky-Korsakov Music College. She has experience in teaching violin and enjoys improvising.

After receiving training in ‘Know Your Rhythm’, she collaborates with Arnab and has presented several workshops at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry and Unity Pavilion, Auroville in India, and Novij Vek Institute of Psychology, Saint Petersburg.  She has also actively contributed with her violin for therapeutic compositions by Arnab which are being applied to increase awareness and healing at clinics and Yoga studios in India, France and USA.

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