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Pediatric patients continue to undergo more medically advanced procedures and treatments to prolong life. In turn, music therapists are called to work with patients experiencing more complex and chronic symptomology. Music therapy’s role and the ethical implications of this work will be explored through theoretical constructs and case examples.
A.L - Amy Love
Amy Love is an experienced music therapist who is incredibly passionate about her work with the pediatric medical population. In 2014, Amy founded a new music therapy program at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This has since grown to include an additional full-time music therapist and a robust internship program.In her current work, Amy specializes in work with patients undergoing treatment for solid tumors and brain tumors while serving as music therapy coordinator and internship director. She was featured on Good Morning America as the recipient of a Hero-Gram, honoring everyday heroes. 
Amy is the founder of Pediatric Music Therapy, an online community that provides specialized courses, materials and supervision to medical music therapists and music therapy students. She also serves as co-chair for AMTA's national pediatric working group. 

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