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This workshop will report on three projects led by a research center at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. This research center is dedicated to the development of new methodological approaches to personalized music therapy in neurological rehabilitation in phase C.

The research team interprets “personalization” from an anthropological standpoint, and focus - among other things - methodologically on principles of the social neuroscience, with its question of how people interact.

Clinical case reports often describe experiences of interpersonal resonance. One main goal is to find out under which conditions such resonance can be fostered in an therapeutic context and how therapists can train their compassion for it.

Another specific feature is to bring the laboratory to the bedside and to synchronize different data (videography, ECG, EEG, biomarkers, etc.).

Three coordinated projects will be part of the round table:

1. The first project is concerned with the development of a measuring instrument for the recording of favourable therapy periods in which patients are optimally able to benefit to the maximum from a therapeutic measure.

2. In the second project, therapeutically significant moments will be identified and analyzed by means of Hyperscanning-EEG.

3. In the third project, a scientifically based model for training empathy will be developed. This should foster therapists, for example, to recognize optimal time windows and resonance phenomena described above.


Event duration: 120 minutes

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