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Debbie Bates

Author(s): Bates Debbie

Presenter(s): Debbie Bates, PhD, MT-BC


Bio: Debbie Bates, PhD, MT-BC, wears multiple hats: clinician, manager, researcher, and educator. She is the Music Therapy Manager for the Arts and Medicine Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, provides music therapy services to patients and families in the Taussig Cancer Institute, and is adjunct faculty at Augsburg University (MN) and St. Maryof-the-Woods College (IN).

Title: The Effects of Pre-Transplant Music Therapy for Patients Undergoing Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant

Contribution type: Paper


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Karina Ferrari

Author(s): Ferrari Karina Daniela

Presenter(s): Karina Daniela Ferrari



Title: The Musictherapy impact in reducing anxiety in cardiologiacal post surgery patients

Contribution type: Poster

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